Essential Rewards

What is it?

Essential Rewards is a monthly automatic shipment that earns you free products.  You can choose your favorite oils each month to ship straight to your door on the day of your choice.  If it's better for your budget to order on the 1st of the month or if it's better on the 15th, it's up to you!  

Do I have to join?

No you never have to join.  You never have to order monthly.  You can order your Starter Kit and never order again.  But we (secretly) know you'll probably want to be ordering again and again.

Who should join?

Honestly...everyone should join! I mean...who doesn't love getting happy mail AND free products? If you are ordering regularly, if you want to invest in an oil cabinet and get ahead of whatever health obstacles come your way, or if you are just ready to convert your home into a toxic free environment, this is for you!

How much do I have to spend?

ER has a minimum of 50PV per month. There is no maximum! 

Here is the good part!  Every order you place through ER, you will earn product points back to buy free oils, supplements, or any product that YL has to offer with a PV value!  The longer you are enrolled, the more percentage back you earn. Cash in your points anytime to buy your free stuff!

What are the benefits?

When you are an ER member, you also have access to exclusive discounts.  You can add "Essential Rewards" packages to your monthly order to get a deeper discount on certain products.  AND each order whether it's single oils or essential rewards packages, can qualify you for a monthly promotional free oil or product.  When you place a 190PV, 250PV, and 300PV order you will receive exclusive freebies from Young Living when enrolled in Essential Rewards.

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