Ten years. A decade. Double digits. They say it goes by fast but they couldn't have prepared me enough. 

To everyone else, today is just another day. It's the second week of Summer. The third day of the week. Half way to the weekend. 

For us, it's a BIG day. HUGE! 

Today, our baby turns 10! TEN! The big 1-0!

2018 6-5 Konner 001.jpg

To say the last ten years have been the biggest blessing would be an understatement. I truly didn't know how much I needed Konner until I had him. Hell...I swore I didn't want kids.


I needed him. Probably more than he needed me. God knew just what he was doing and I thank him every single day for gifting me the most perfect human. 


And by perfect, I perfect as he can be. The hormones are kicking in. The attitude shows up daily. The girls are giving winks. And he will be taller than me by years end. We now have a pre teen. A cute, sweet, loving, kind pre teen. But a pre teen none the less. Life is about to get a lot more interesting. 

2018 6-5 Konner 018.jpg

For now, I will focus on these past few years. The best years of my life. Being Konner's Mom is my greatest achievement. I am a PROUD Mom! Parenthood is the hardest job that ever existed but sure is rewarding! 

Did I mention that he is the perfect model? That seals the deal right there! PERFECT CHILD!