My favorites from the 2016 Young Living Holiday Catalog


It's no secret that I love my precious, amazing, "can't live without them" essential oils. They are my life line. True story!

Do you know what I love more than my essential oils?!? CHRISTMAS!

Do you know what I do when Young Living releases the most AMAZING Holiday catalog filled with the most AMAZING Holiday essential oils and gifts?! I FREAK OUT!

Not only are the products super fabulous, but YL did a phenomenal job with the photography and design of the catalog. I mean...HELLO Restoration Hardware and Pottery Barn!?! Top notch y'all! We're running with the big dogs! 

See for yourself:

If things go the way they did last year, YL freaks (you, not me) will buy all.the.things. and these goodies will sell out within days, if not hours. I've not a big risk taker so it was in my best interest to push my order through first thing this morning. It's for the greater good of humanity. Especially if you are typically on my gift giving list. Which brings me are getting oils this year. You're welcome! 

While I didn't grab allllll of the items in the catalog, (I'm having major regret about this btw) I did snag a few goodies. My fav is by far the chocolate. Why? Because...chocolate. Infused with essential oils. ESSENTIAL OIL CHOCOLATE! YL suggests sharing. I think that's nonsense. #notsorry

I'm also prettyyyyy excited about the rebranded kids collections. We got a sneak peak at the rebranding back at convention (OMG! I never blogged about convention!) and I love how sleek and modern everything looks. So perfect! 

When Konner saw the bath set, he HAD to have it. And because I'm the best.Mom.ever, I ordered it right away. I also snagged the kids mini oils set for him as a backup. I'm a hoarder. Again...#notsorry

The essential oils basics set is PERFECT for gifts. I grabbed a couple for teacher gifts. I mean...who wouldn't want oils?! Much better than the piles of scrap paper pads, pens, and sticky notes. I know teachers can always use those, but I like to give those as welcome gifts at the beginning of the year. Teachers work so hard every single day to teach our not so sweet children and they deserve an amazing Christmas bonus! 

Winter...the most wonderful time of the year...for man colds. Ladies! You know what I'm talking about. Be prepared this year. Grab a wellness kit and tell him to shove it. Down his throat. Literally. You're welcome! 

And can we talk about the new Life 9 for a second?! Life 5 has been a daily staple in our house. Well...YL decided to sprinkle glitter on Life 5 and they created Life 9. Y'all! This bad boy packs a punch! It combines  17 billion live cultures from 9 beneficial bacteria strains to make your gut happy and healthy. Happy gut = happy body = happy wife = happy life. Or whatever. Get it!

I've always been a chapstick addict. I'm talking tubes everywhere. It wasn't until about a year ago that I realized just how bad your typical chapstick or lip balm actually is for you. Go ahead...Google it. 

I have since been using YL's lip balm (more specifically...Lavender) and oh em lips are like butta! Again...I'm prooooobably keeping this for myself. #stillnotsorry

I also grabbed the ART skin care set. Because lips like butta are pointless if your face isn't equally as soft. Can I get an AMEN?!

 Ladies...let's your man an Axe addict? Or maybe he lathers on his favorite cologne that he bought from that pesky lady at Dillard's? You know what I'm talking about...that $100 cologne that makes you feel like punching a cat every time he walks out of the bathroom. THIS WAS MY LIFE! It was nauseating. And then Gary invented Shutran. And then my life became livable again. Now my husband smells good, he's confident (there are super amazing benefits to this blend, ya know?!) and my head doesn't throb every time he walks out of the bathroom. 

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any babies born 9 months from now. smells THAT good! 

Speaking of smelling good...

What gifts are you grabbing for your friends and family (and yourself) from the catalog? 

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