The NEW Premium Starter Kit

When I joined Young Living over four years ago I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Initially I just wanted a handful of oils to help my little family. We wanted better sleep and a boost in wellness. Seemed simple enough.

I was introduced to YL’s Premium Starter Kit and new immediately that it would be a game changer. It had everything I needed to really dive in and the price was amazing for everything that was included. Since then…our worlds have been rocked in the best ways possible. We are getting better sleep and our wellness levels are the best they’ve ever been. But it’s given us so much more! Amazing sleep, healthy immune systems, glowing skin, emotional support, pain relief (Yes…I’m getting old. Yes…I stock up on YL’s pain cream), and even healthy, shiny, bouncy hair. (Lavender shampoo is BOMB y’all!)

Since becoming an official oil dealer, I receive questions daily about different ways to use eo’s, which oils are best for different situations, is there a such thing as using too much Valor, (the answer is no…btw), etc. But the number one question I get is how to get started. My answer to that will always be THE PREMIUM STARTER KIT. It truly is the best bang for your buck and it has everything single thing you need to dive in. And…it recently received a HUGE upgrade!

Want to see what’s inside?! Le't’s break it down!

New PSK 2019_ Desert Mist.jpg

The Premium Starter Kit includes:

  • 12 of the most common and most used oils

  • A diffuser if your choice (The Desert Mist is my fav!)

  • Two samples of Ningxia Red (And amazing antioxidant supplement that is so dang good for you!)

  • A sample sachet of Thieves Household Cleaner (Enough to make two spray bottles that will last you MONTHS!)

  • A bottle of Thieves Hand Purifier (Perfect for your purse, gym bag, or diaper bag!)

  • Two roller fitments to instantly turn your bottles of oil into a roller (Hellooooo Stress Away!)

  • A wholesale membership and 24% discount for every and always (NO strings attached!)

  • AND…access to our amazing community of like minded and super fabulous friends. Our community is loaded with support, education, resources, etc. Everything you need to learn and grow on your journey.

Our tribe truly is the best. Once you decide to dive in and explore the world of essential oils, you immediately join a community like no other! We are a group of thousands of individuals spread out all over the world here to welcome you and guide you on your new journey. You receive immediate access to our private online education and support groups that give you a safe place to ask all of your wellness and essential oils questions. We’ve got your back!

Want to read more about the amazing oils that are included in the newly upgraded kit?

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