I'm a basic white girl...I think

I did it y'all. I caved. I am now an official member of the "Basic White Girl" club.

Or am I?

Yesterday I made my normal visit to my local Starbucks and ordered my usual. Grande Java Chip frap with coconut milk, affogato style. YUM! But then it happened...the sweet little barista with her perfect little smile shoved a plate of muffin samples in my face. I smiled back and pretended not to see the muffins. She inched them a little closer and it happened. We made verbal contact. She offered me a sample. I couldn't say no. She was the cutest! 

So I grabbed a piece and wrapped it in a napkin "to save for later". Zero intention of eating it. I mean...who eats pumpkin anyway? Pumpkins are for carving. They are gross. 

NO! They are not gross! I can't believe I am about to say this...

I enjoyed the shit out of that muffin sample! I wanted more. I wanted an entire "moist, perfectly-spiced pumpkin muffin topped with sweet cream cheese and a sprinkling of chopped, caramelized pepitas for a delightful balance of salty and sweet." 

Image: www.starbucks.com

Image: www.starbucks.com

What is happening?! Every fall I proudly exclaim that I'm no basic bitch! I don't like pumpkin. It was all a lie! That muffin was amazing! 

But the question still remains. Am I really a basic white girl? I just can't bring myself to order a PSL. I can't. It won't happen. (Unless that sweet little barista shoves one in my face.) 

Mug:  E  tsy

Mug: Etsy