A Fresh Start + Val Marie Paper

I'm not a morning person. When I wake in the morning I walk around in a zombie like coma and go through the motions quietly and contently. Konner is the same. It's nice because we "get" each other. As we drive to school we jam a few jams, check out the scenery, and start our day with a smile. And coffee. I need my coffee. 

But today...today as we were listening to the radio trying to get our jam on, we were silent. Silent because we caught wind of the terrible news coming out of Las Vegas. I listened to the basics, answered a couple of Konner's questions and then changed stations. The next station was listing out the details of a local police officer that was fatally shot last night. Moving on to another station that was thankfully playing one of our favs, "Clocks" by Coldplay

When I arrived to work I pulled up the news on my computer. As I read more information about this tragedy, I got sad. And then angry. And then confused. What is going on?! What is happening to our world?! I looked to October for a fresh start. August and September brought on so much tragedy and heartache that I NEEDED a fresh start. I was couting on October. And then BAM. First day of the month...tragedy. 

But then...as I logged into my email I was reminded of what we need. What this world needs. What I need. Prayer. 

I struggle with this. I struggle with seeing the good when there is so much bad. I struggle with the why's. And the how's. I struggle with keeping the faith when evil is lurking so close. Too close. 


Every year I purchase a new prayer journal from Val Marie Paper. I absolutely love her journals. Do I still struggle with prayer? Yes! But I'm learning. I'm learning to be a prayer warrior. I'm learning to keep my Faith strong. I'm learning to set aside those 10-15 minutes a day even when the world is full of distractions and evil. I'm learning thanks to Val's amazing and simple journals. I want to use it daily. I need to use it daily. It gives me a safe place to write down my thoughts so that they don't overload my mind.  

In my email this morning was a reminder. A reminder that it's ok to be stuck. It's ok to struggle. It's ok to feel discouraged or confused. It's ok to feel a little disappointed in that lost connection. The connection between you and Him. It's ok to need a fresh start. But you have to START! Start now. Turn off the podcast. Close the book. Shut off the TV. Grab the closest paper to you and your favorite pen and begin. Begin with a prayer. 


If you need a little nudge or simple direction to get started, I highly recommend scooping up a Fresh Start Journal. This 31-day devotional on prayer was created to help you know more why to pray and help you create a consistent habit of it in your life.  It's a great way to get started and a great way to get a feel for how Val's journals work. And friends! Fresh Start is $5 off for OCTOBER! Use code FRESHSTARTOCT. Holla!

Another favorite of mine is the Kids Prayer Journal. I purchased one of these for Konner last year and it was a hit! Not only does it teach kids the beginning steps to becoming a prayer warrior, but it gives you a chance to sit with them and guide them through their Faith. What a special time! 


The Family Creed guide is another great addition that I can't wait to start. This guide helps us become more intentional about motherhood. This is something I need and want to do. Something I have to do. I'm tired of going through the motions. I'm ready to set goals for myself and my family to help us thrive and grow as a family. 


There's so many great options with a little something for everyone over at Val Marie Paper. I hope you find something that tugs at your heart. Take time to free your soul and focus on YOU! You deserve it! 

**Contents of this post may contain affiliate links. I buy it, I love it, I share it, you buy it, you love it, we all win.**