Jimmy the cat

These last couple of months have been hella busy on our end. My family thrives on routine so the summer months kick our butt until we are begging for school to start back up. Then school starts and we are crying because...homework. And OMG! As I'm typing this I'm realizing that school starts in less than a month. Insert panic mode. 

But enough about that...we got a cat! (Just call me Dr. Seuss)

Jimmy the cat graced us with his presence for Konner's birthday back in the beginning of June. I never thought I would be a cat person but he has stolen my heart. Even when he's an ass hole and bites my ear in the middle of the night. 

I thought long and hard about adding ANOTHER animal to our already too small house, but I just couldn't say no when I saw his cute little face on my friends Facebook. She found him at her complex and was highly allergic so he needed a home. Now he's a member of our family and he fits right in with the craziness. He was super shy and a little hesitant the day we brought him home, but after a few days he fell right into place. 


As every photographer would (and should) I documented his arrival with a newborn session. I'm definitely thinking #kittenwhisperer should be added to my resume. 

Find me on Insta to follow Jimmy and his shenanigans! @eryn.mcbride