Hello! I'm Eryn!

That's me on the left with my two boys. We're a ball of fun as long as Starbucks is involved. Ok...we're always fun, but Starbucks is the whipped cream on top. (See what I did there?) 

I am Southern girl born and raised in South Louisiana. But if I'm being honest...I belong somewhere west. Oregon maybe? Or Salt Lake City would be nice! Anyway...I have a strong love for Starbucks, Target, unicorns, nice people, animals, essential oils, and food. All.the.food. #Louisiana

I strongly believe that the Beatles were on to something when they coined the popular phrase "All You Need Is Love". The world is a crazy, chaotic place and I'm just here trying to make the best of it. I'm a mother, wife, photographer, and oiler. I want to travel the world...in a car. I am terrified of planes and the thought of being in a boat on the water sends me into a panic. Did I mention I'm a little...weird?